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ACCELERATED EXAMINATION  Faster Than a Speeding Bullet
ACCESSING PATENT RECORDS Public PAIR:  Accessing Records on Pending Patent Applications
  Google Patents
APPLICATION PREPARATION 21st Century Patent Preparation:  The Model for the Future
BIOTECHNOLOGY Patenting Human Organisms
BUSINESS RELATED The Phelps Phenomenon - Was It "The Suit?"
  Intellectual Property Valuation
  Developing a Patent Strategy for Your Business- Building Value 
  Do You Really Need a Patent? Yes, If You Can Make a Business Case for One
  Patent License Agreement Audits- Ensuring the Reward For Innovation
Patent Rights - Avoiding a Collision With the Social Media Iceberg
  The Importance of Signatures
Non Disclosure Agreements and Confidentiality
DESIGN PATENTS "All that Glitters" - Protecting Ornamental Appearances with a Design Patent
  International Design Registration Through The Hague System
Patenting Computer Generated Icons
The Winds of Change Are Blowing Again- Even Design Patents Get a Makeover
DUTY OF CANDOR The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth:  The Duty of Candor in Proceedings  before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
INFRINGEMENT Patentability and Infringement - Two Separate Concepts 
  Christmas in China
  Remanufacturing a Patented Product:  Does "Make" Include "Remake"?
Reaping What You Sow? Not After Bowman v. Monsanto
Patent Misuse- A New Defense Against Patent Abuse?
INNOVATION The Space-Time Innovation Continuum
"The Man Who Saved Christmas" and Other Tales of Christmases Past
INTERNATIONAL PATENT APPLICATONS Filing International Patent Applications:  Tuning in to the Patent Cooperation Treaty 
Obtaining a United States Patent via the Patent Cooperation Treaty
  PCT Applications- Amendments And Demands
  National Phase Entry- Life Worldwide After the PCT
  PCT Scams - The Two Wild and Crazy Guys International Patent Registry
  Canadian Patent Law - A Primer From the Great White North
  Extreme Changes are Coming to Europe- The Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court
INVENTION DISCLOSURES The Invention Disclosure - Putting a Stake in the Ground 
INVENTION PROMOTION SCAMS Pimp My Invention:  If it Sounds Too Good to be True...
INVENTORSHIP Inventorship:  Who Thunk of It?
ONE YEAR ON-SALE BAR The 102(b) On-Sale Bar to Patentability:  You Snooze, You Lose 
  The 102(b) On-Sale Bar to Patentability and "Experimental Use"
OWNERSHIP RIGHTS A Hypothetical Case - of Keeping an Invention from Going to the Dogs
  Have Brain, Will Invent: Who Owns Your Invention? 
  Don't Cut Corners...Consider Assigning That Provisional Patent Application
Get a Loan Using Your Intellectual Property- Freeing Up Value or Locking Up Your Assets
Diligence in Establishing "Common Ownership" and Joint Research Agreements
  Staking Your (Patent) Claims - Part I 
  Staking Your (Patent) Claims - Part II
  Patents and the Public Interest
  Patent Drawings
  Patent- A Brief History of the Word And the Property Right
It's a Numbers Game- How They Are Used in OUr Patent System
PATENT PENDING PATENT PENDING:  A Warning to Would-Be Competitors 
PATENT PROSECUTION Solemnly Sworn - The Use of Affidavits in Patent Prosecution 
  Building the Case for Patentability:  Prosecution in the USPTO 
  Examiner Interviews and Their Place in Patent Prosecution 
  Patent Prosecution Highway 
  "This action is FINAL." Or Not- "FINAL" Rejection Doesn't Mean Final
  Appeals in Patent Prosecution- Another Way to Cut the Deck
Transitory Signals and Computer Readable Media Rejections
PATENT PROTEST Patent Protest - A Little Known, Little Used Process in the U.S. Patent System
POST ISSUE Reexamination of the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich 
  Maintenance Fees
  Broadening Reissue - Changing the Scope of Your Patent Claims
PATENT REFORM (AIA) First to Invent vs. First to File:  Racing to the Lab - or to the Patent Office?
  Patent Reform is on the Horizon
  Patent Reform is a Done Deal- It's Time to Get Ready For It
The Gears of Government: How New Laws Are Implemented in Our Patent System
What's New in False Patent Marking Laws
Prior User Rights: Substantially Expanded Under the AIA
The America Invents Act- Best Mode Requirement
Playing Defense- Post-Grant Review Under the AIA
Preissuance Submissions by Third Parties Under the AIA- "Getting the Wheels to Fall Off"
  Supplemental Examination Under the AIA- "Rules of Atonement"
The AIA - Some Effects on International Practice Through the PCT
The Prioritized Examination Option Under the AIA
Challenging Business Method Patents Under Section 18 of the AIA
And Last But Not Least- The New First to File Statute Under the AIA
PATENTABILITY OF INVENTIONS Patentability and Infringement - Two Separate Concepts 
  Anything Under the Sun that is Made by Man...Well, Not Quite
  Patentability and "The Long-Felt Unmet Need" - The Christmas Tree Stand as a Case Study 
  Patent Law 101 - What is Patentable? 
  A Foundation in the Law:  Patenting Buildings and Structures 
  Defining Patentable Subject Matter - Software and Silicon Forms 
  "Under the Knife" - Patenting Surgical Procedures 
Non-Patentable Subject Matter- Obnoxiousness Not a Bar
PATENTS & NYS TAX CREDITS NYS Tax Credits for "Emerging Technology" Companies
 PLANT PATENTS Fundamentals of Plant Patents - Patented or Not, This Christmas Give Plants
The Provisional Application  - What It Is - When It's Used
Weaknesses of the "Quick and Dirty" Provisional Patent Application
PUBLISHED PATENT APPLICATIONS Published Patent Applications as Leading Indicators in Upstate New York
RESTRICTION REQUIREMENTS Restriction Requirements 
  Election of Species and Restriction Requirements
SEARCHING Seek and Ye Shall Find: Online Searching For Business Information in the USPTO
  In Search of The Perfect Christmas Tree Stand Part I
In Search of The Perfect Christmas Tree Stand Part II
SECRECY ORDERS Secrecy Orders- Protecting National Security

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